Rochelle + Randi | New Zealand Wedding | 25.03.2017

Rochelle and Randi were married on the 25th of March, with a ceremony and reception at Cassels in Auckland.

Rochelle and Randi met online while Rochelle was in Canada and Randi was in New Zealand (though he is originally from Sri Lanka). Randi was in the process of trying to move to Canada, but from the moment they fell in love, those plans were spoiled. Instead, Rochelle decided to come out to New Zealand to be with him and find their happily ever after together.

With an international couple like this, there were plenty of guests who travelled from around the world to be there for the wedding. Rochelle’s parents and sister (who was also a bridesmaid) came from Canada, and Randi’s family travelled form Sri Lanka—all to be there for this beautiful day when two families became one.

As always, Lena went to the bride’s room, and Jay went to the groom’s room while Rochelle and Randi got ready in different rooms. They actually both got ready at the same hotel: Spencer on Byron Hotel.

Rochelle and Randi had picked out the exact date and time that they wanted to sign the papers and be married by calculating it per the Sri Lankan calendar for their luckiest time and day. They needed to sign the papers at 4:16pm exactly, so poor Rochelle shed a few nervous tears as we drove to the ceremony. She didn’t want to be late and miss the carefully-planned moment.

The ceremony itself was beautiful—and made even more special with the inclusion of their two dogs, Biscuit and Willow. The dogs were dressed in flower girl and ringer boy clothes—it was very cute!

Even with the stress of trying to make everything happen exactly on time, Rochelle and Randi were very positive throughout the day. It was easy to work with them, and it was clear to see that they were truly happy together. We took some photos of the two of them at Pukematekeo Lookout, just a short drive from the venue, where they were totally up for making funny faces and poses for us.

Randi & Rochelle, thank you so much for asking us to photograph your beautiful day. We loved getting to know you both and wish you the best.


Florist: Willoughby Road Florist

Cake: The Caker

Make Up: Elba Escobar

Celebrant: Melanie Kerr