Justine + Reece | Tauranga Wedding Photographer

Every wedding we photograph has something special to us. We love meeting different couples and get to know their story. At their wedding day we laugh and cry with them while documenting the most important day of their lives.

We've met Justine and Reece about one year ago. They told us their story about how they got engaged and their plans for future. We felt connected straight away with this super sweet vibrant couple and were very excited to become a part of their wedding planning and wedding day. Their Engagement Session was awesome but their Wedding Day was even better!!

Justine and Reece got married on a beautiful sunny day at a stunning venue which can accomodate both ceremony and reception. We loved the colourful dresses of the bridesmaids and the colourful comfortable shoes of the Bride!! Great choice if you want to be able to move easily during your Wedding day!

When Justine walked down the aisle, together with her father, her eyes were teary but full of happiness. She nervously laughed as she was stepping down the stairs as she was afraid to fall. Prior to the wedding Justine told us the story that she was a Bridesmaid once before and while doing her walk down the aisle, she fell down!... :) She didn't want for this to happen on HER Wedding Day! :)

Reece's eyes were teary when he saw his beautiful bride. This was such a special moment. The moment they have waited for such a long time. Their Wedding Day dream became a reality. It was just a perfect day!!

Justine and Reece, we are so lucky that we've got an opportunity to be a part of your Wedding Day! It was great to get to know you better and see how beautiful you guys are, buth outside and inside! We wish you all the best! You deserve nothing, but happiness! Warmly, Lena & Jay

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