How to choose your wedding photographer


Bringing your memories to Life

There are so many things that need to be considered when preparing for your wedding day. Venue, Make-up artist, florist, designs, guests etc… it is so easy to loose track of what needs to be done. While every other aspect and detail is important, all of this will be gone in one day and memories faded unless you have great wedding photos taken with your story told on the day so you can revisit it’s romance over and over again. Therefore investing into your photography is the most important part of your wedding planning and budget. So, how do you choose the best wedding photographer for you?

Choose A Photographer Who Values Your Dreams

Search for a photographer who does not think of you as a customer. Instead see if they can invest their time into getting to know you before the wedding. See if they want to know who you are and what you value. What dream you have for your future. By getting to know you better a Wedding Photographer guarantees to make you feel comfortable in front of their lens before taking you on the journey of your wedding day, and your images will have the natural, more authentic feel of true romance.

Ensure that you view images from entire weddings

There could be one-off images that Wedding Photographers are working for hours to put on their website. However your digital negatives and prints might not look anything like that... Make sure you request (if not available on the website) your photographer of choice to show you full weddings.... There might be plenty of images to go through however make sure you flip through them all. This way you can assure yourself that this is something that you want and are willing to pay for.

Choose a professional who is committed to deliver

There could be nothing worse that a bad customer service and this is justified by the timely delivery of your images/products that you Wedding Photographer of choice is committed to.

Image delivery:

Your wedding images are important so you want to see them ASAP, right? Be careful here though as it takes a good amount of time to ensure your 500-1000 images are consistent and beautiful. Many photographers in New Zealand / Bay of Plenty offer image delivery within 3-10 weeks window. There many things to consider and photographer's life definitely gets on the way.

BE CAREFUL: Some New Zealand photographers will promise image delivery in 3-7 days! It takes a lot of time (especially if your photographer is fairly busy) to cull, select, edit and deliver. Remember its better to wait 3-10 weeks than getting poorly edited and rushed images after 3-5 days. Quality is always a factor here! It will stay with you forever.Sneak peaks and Same day slideshows are ok and are great way to see your images straight after your wedding. These are not judged and there is only a handful amount of them.

Timely communication:

Make sure that your Wedding Photographer of choice is not ducked down and under the water straight after your wedding :) Ensure you have communication all the time. You will need to have your viewing session scheduled. You need to finalise your album or print order, digital negatives delivery etc...

Ensure you have the coverage

Many (but not all) wedding photographers limit your Wedding images. Is it fair? We'd say - no! Depending on the coverage, you should get the best image selection as long as time allows.

i.e. if your coverage is only 2 hours, there should be roughly 150-200 images. It could be ceremony only, location only or else as long as you have all the images for the time provided. Or it may be a 8-10 hour wedding day. There should be around 600-1500 of unlimited images.

It is important to have 2 photographers on your wedding day. This way you will have your wedding shot at two different angles / two different opinions. It is also important to capture you walking down the aisle and capture guests and grooms emotions at the same time. 2 Photographers will do just that :)

To learn more about your wedding photography, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!