Hannah + Josh | New Zealand Wedding


Hannah and Josh were married on July 8th, with a ceremony at the Hamilton South Baptist Church and a reception at Capernwray Bible School.

Josh, who is from Canada, met a beautiful Kiwi girl named Hannah when he moved to New Zealand to work at a church. Hannah happened to go to that same church, and once Josh was settled into his new community, they became close friends, revelling in the fact that they shared the same vision for life. They also bonded over their shared faith, coming from conservative and religious backgrounds—which was why they wanted to have the ceremony in the church that they attend.

A Beautiful Cambridge Wedding

On the day of the wedding, Lena went to Hannah’s house and Jay went to Josh’s house to capture the “getting ready” pictures for the day. Once everyone was ready, Josh came over to Hannah’s house and waited outside so that she could come out for their first look before the ceremony. 

During the ceremony itself, we were touched watching both Josh and Hannah’s parents joining the couple to give them a special blessing. Josh’s family had come all the way from Canada to be part of the day, and they couldn’t hide how happy they were for him. You can see for yourself—both of their families were positively brimming with pride and happiness.

After the ceremony, we put together a big group picture as well as some smaller family pictures before cutting the cake and heading out for location photos straight away. This meant we were able to manage some sunset photos out by Cambridge Lake—a beautiful, quiet place that reflected the purity that these two embody in their love.

At the reception, we prepared a same-day slideshow for all the guests to view some sneak peek images of the day. Everyone enjoyed being able to relive those special moments. Josh and Hannah were especially glad that they had some sneak peek images to showcase the beautiful scenery of New Zealand, since they were planning a wedding celebration one week later in Canada, and they wanted to be able to show their friends across the world the gorgeous images from the New Zealand event.

Josh & Hannah, thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful wedding. We hope that everyone in Canada enjoys the wedding photography from your big day as well!


Ann Maree - Make Up Artist